Finally, a software that helps you complete repetitive, mundane tasks in your clinic,
faster and more efficiently.

Our Software uses your voice to speed up your work
Veterinarians need all the help they can get
on busy days.

Veterinarians for Veterinarians

We are Vets just like you, trying to find ways to make life less complicated.
Our veterinary software is built by our team of board certified radiologists, who have extensive experience with all modalities of veterinary teleradiology.
Our Founder is Brian A. Poteet, DVM, Dip. ACVR


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Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with Veterinary Vocabulary Add On, helps veterinarians navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans into their veterinary practice management software of choice.

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Nuance Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 with
Veterinary Vocabulary

Enjoy All of the Advantages

- complements Your veterinary software

- Speeds up Your Daily Workflow

- No need to type and better accuracy

- more time with your patients

Avoid Present Clinic Issues

- 4 hours a day on emails and charts

- Staying at the office or Going home late

- Having to Learn How to type

- Still Paying a transcriptionist

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Most importantly, Dragon Vet allows you to do what you do best as a Veterinarian, and that's treating your very special patients with special care.