Championing Private Practice Ownership Seminar Series

July 18th, 2018 1:00pm - 6:00pmPST

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Continuing Education Session for Practice Managers

Shawn Willkie President and Co-Founder of Dragon Veterinary and Joel Parker, President and Co-Founder of Veterinary Practice Solutions work together to put on an interactive continuing education session
A day in the life of a veterinarian is typically long, balancing a lot of tasks including thorough patient care and proper documentation. If you add the task of operating your own clinic into the mix, there is not much time left for anything else. There are many challenges when running your own smaller clinic compared to working for a larger corporation. There are responsibilities that you may not even be aware of until you face them head on. Whether you are a veterinarian opening your own clinic or working to open a clinic for a friend or family member this session is an excellent opportunity to learn useful information for running a successful practice.
Over the course of this session attendees will learn the key to working with Yelp, how to find effective staff, how to properly set fees as well as outlining the 10 questions you should ask before you buy your next practice management software.


In addition to practice management software, this session will also teach practice managers about leveraging Yelp and how to ensure positive reviews on social media platforms. Yelp can be a helpful tool when looking to expand your customer network having a strong presence on Yelp will improve your presence as a veterinary clinic.


How to Find Really Good Staff
Another common issue that this CE session will discuss is finding the best staff. Running a clinic is not easy and we want to ensure you are finding excellent people who can help to make your clinic a success. This CE session will provide you will techniques that describe how to find the good staff who will do the job well and continue to grow the business in the process.


The Secret to Setting Fees
Deciding where to set the fees at the small clinic can be lead to a lot of uncertainty. If the fees are set too high a clinic might end up having a number of patients that come once but do not return because they are unable to find a clinic with more competitive prices. This price resistance can hurt a clinics client base and should be adjusted to fit somewhere in the middle.

10 Things to ask before you buy your next Practice Management Software

One type of problem practice managers face is trying to find which software for record keeping they should use. In many clinics this is a decision that is made for you and something that doesn’t even cross your mind. Picking the right software comes with a lot of questions and discussions before the right choice can be made. There are numerous practice management software’s available and none of them are perfect. This session will teach you what to look for and how to find the software that matches the needs of your clinic.

This continuing education session is offered exclusively for private practice owners (veterinarians or not) who want to learn about everything related to practice management software and how to know which one is right for them.

70th Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Conference


70th Annual Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

Last year, we attended CVMA on Prince Edward Island and we enjoyed ourselves so much that we are travelling from the East Coast to the West Coast for the 70th Annual Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Conference in early July. Last year we enjoyed the delicious P.E.I potatoes, Cows Ice Cream and Anne of Green Gables. In Vancouver we plan on taking in the mountains, tall skyscrapers and some pacific salmon.


During the rest of the year we usually find ourselves at trade shows in the United States. Although we always have a good time, we do look forward to attending shows in Canada where Dragon Veterinary was founded.

There are many things that make Canada great. Our access to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Great Lakes as well as the copious number of mountains and valleys. Although these bodies of water and landmarks describe the geographic highlights, there are so many cultural things that make Canada even more special.


Tim Hortons
Have you ever heard of Tim Hortons? Well, this is the coffee that fuels the majority of our population. You will be hard pressed to even leave the airport without seeing at least two Tim’s. Also, in Canada we refer to doughnut holes as Timbits. Timbits can be found at every local Tim Horton’s across the country and they are usually present at most social gatherings.

So Sorry!
Canadians are known for being very friendly and welcoming to those around them. Whether it be smiling while walking down the street or kindly offering directions to lost tourists, we are always willing to lend a helping hand. If you ask someone from another country about Canadians, they are likely to tell you that Canadians like to say “sorry” a lot. As Canadians we can contest to this. We frequently find ourselves saying sorry for almost running into someone on the street. This must be something we have just become accustomed to and now we don’t even know we are doing it.


To end off this blog post, I will talk about the most stereotypical slang words Canadians are known for saying. This is the word “eh”. Canadians like to end some of their causal sentences with “eh”. We use this at times when we are looking for someone to agree with us. For example; “that’s right eh?”. We have grown accustomed to using this word and now it just happens subconsciously.

These are just a few things that make Canada an excellent place to live and visit. We look forward to seeing everyone at CVMA and sharing our knowledge about veterinary software. Also, this event is right after Canada Day so we will all be filled with Canadian spirit! 

Dragon Team

2nd Annual Veterinary Innovation Summit April 6-8, 2018

Dragon Veterinary will be attending the 2nd Annual Veterinary Innovation Summit (VIS) in Texas. VIS is all about fresh perspectives and challenging the status quo. The learning environment at VIS allows veterinarians in all stages of their careers to learn how to adapt to the changes in the profession. Technology and innovation will be a major focus at VIS.

Continuing education is shaped by teaching veterinarians how to react to the changes they are facing. Engineers, entrepreneurs and regulators will all be present at the summit.

There are three themes surrounding this year’s summit.

  • Patients like Us
  • The Human Animal Bond
  • Veterinarians Serving Society

VIS has found numerous dedicated keynote speakers to address each of the themes. The talks help to expand the perspectives and minds of the participants. Smaller breakout sessions will help participants turn all of the ideas they have heard about into action.

Dragon Veterinary is excited to be at VIS as a start-up company. We have invested our time into figuring how we can save veterinarians hours daily. We are aware that veterinarians lead busy lives and are on the go from the moment they get to the clinic in the morning until the moment they leave. Some veterinarians find they are staying late to catch up on paperwork or bringing work home with them.

Dragon Veterinary dictation software can eliminate a large portion of work veterinarians face after seeing patients. Whether it be writing up postop reports or documenting a patient’s annual check-up, veterinarians can save a lot of time.

Let us take the time to show you how our software can save you time on required tasks. We understand the hard work and care that veterinarians spend on each and every patient they see. We at Dragon Veterinary want to eliminate the stress associated with typing so veterinarians have more free time to spend doing what matters.

Drop by for a LIVE Demo and let us show you how our software works! 

Team Dragon


Not attending the Trade show this weekend? Book a quick virtual demo instead.

Endless Opportunities at the 90th WVC

WVC Dragon Veterinary

90th Annual Western Veterinary Conference
March 4th-8th 2018
"Passion Meets Education"

Being surrounded by education, innovation and inspiration are only a few of the reasons why we at Dragon Veterinary are excited to attend WVC as an exhibitor for the second year in a row!

WVC brands itself as being comprehensive, progressive and practical. Dragon Veterinary is excited to be part of a large group of forward thinkers who are continually improving as professionals.

WVC was founded by Logan Utah, formally known as Intermountain Sanitary Association. In 1965 the name of the conference was changed to Western Veterinary Conference (WVC). WVC is held in Las Vegas and this year will be the 90th Annual Conference.

There will be over 14,000 participants coming from 50 states, 6 continents, and 43 countries across the world.

WVC is dedicated to continuous education. In addition to the annual conference, WVC offers courses onsite, offsite and digitally year-round.

WVC will be hosted at Oquendo Center. The center has 66,000 square feet including a 190-seat theatre. The venue has clinical and diagnostic laboratories allowing for hands on learning.

WVC looks like it will be an action-packed week with lots going on every minute. WVC has worked hard to develop programming that will catch everyone's attention. There are learning opportunities specific to DVMs as well as Technicians and Practice Managers.

There are numerous speakers who have been asked to speak at the event to foster the learning and growth of all participants. Various Continuing Education and Hands-on Labs allow attendees to pick and choose based on their interests.

When Dragon Veterinary goes to a trade show we are always very excited to see the other exhibitors around our booth and what they have to offer. There is an endless amount of innovation and forward thinking surrounding us at every moment. We always leave every trade show confident and thinking about the future of our product.

In addition to all of the learning and growth opportunities for those practicing veterinary medicine or working in a clinic, WVC is always aware that it is important to throw a little adventure and spontaneity into each day. WVC has planned many offsite excursions that appeal to the interests of many attendees. Some of the events include: Grand Canyon West Rim Tour, 5km Fun Run, Boulder City Zip Line Tour, Sights and Sounds of Las Vegas and many more!
Come by our booth for a demo and more information on our product. As a growing company this year we are excited to have a brand-new booth and even more displays!

Dragon Veterinary cannot wait to see everyone in Vegas!





VMX 2018 February 4-7


Veterinary Meeting & Expo 

Your Education. Your Experience, Your Conference.

“Inspired by your passion, your commitment and your energy, VMX, formerly the NAVC Conference, presents top-tier continuing education from world-renowned presenters, unparalleled professional development and networking, diverse exhibits, and exhilarating events on one centralized campus at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).” 


Dragon Veterinary will be travelling to the warm Orlando Florida in early February for Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX). Attendees of VMX will come from over 80 countries. With more than 9,000 veterinarians, veterinary technicians and practice managers and 4,855 exhibitors, VMX will be an excellent opportunity for learning, networking, innovation and exploration.  

 We attended this event last year for the first time and were amazed at the innovative and supportive atmosphere. In the past VMX, formally NAVC, has been held across two locations due to the growing number of attendees. The new venue, the Orange County Convention Centre (OCCC), is an enormous venue and segways were even offered in order to make venturing from one end of the centre to the other more accessible.   

 Attending this event last year, we received more than we bargained for. Not only did we have the opportunity to grow our business but through networking, we also received feedback that helped us to understand the technological needs of veterinarians and how we can continue to improve our product 

 At VMX there will be numerous lectures, hands on labs, and luncheons related to the diverse world of animal medicine. Emergency and medical critical care, hospital design, customer service and animal welfare are a few of the many learning opportunities available to those attending VMX. Dragon Veterinary has the ability to support their veterinarians practice leaving more time for innovation and exploration in the ever-changing field of animal medicine 

 After another year of hard work at Dragon Veterinary we are proud to announce that we have grown our team as well as we are now offering a new version of Dragon Medical to accompany the Dragon Veterinary Package. We have also expanded internationally and now have resellers who are helping with the distribution of our product across the globe.    

 Visit us at VMX for a demonstration, special offers and to hear more about our product and how the software can easily integrate with your existing systems. 

 We look forward to seeing you in the Sunshine State!  

Fetch dvm360 Conference


CVC San Diego will run from from Dec. 7 to 10.

The event, held at the San Diego Convention Centre, features expert clinicians, problem solving practice management pros  and veterinary nurses presenting both the practical and the cutting edge.

They’ll help you sharpen your skills and organize your work-life balance.

For a full list of speakers, go here.

The conference is organized around the CVC philosophy of providing an affordable and educational continuing education experience.

Features of CVC San Diego include:

- Hands-on labs and unique learning opportunities.

- Access to ALL non-laboratory sessions, no matter your registration category.

- Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a proceedings CD or digital download are included with registration.

- Locations that are close to home or desirable vacation destinations.

- An active, solutions-oriented exhibit hall.

- Sessions that encourage you to interact, collaborate, and problem-solve with experts and peers.

Plus, best of all, we’ll be there.

The Dragon Veterinary team will be at CVC San Diego to show how our voice dictation software works hand in glove with your practice management software to cut screen time significantly for data entry.

American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Annual Convention and Trade


Saddle-up and point your horse’s nostrils for San Antonio, Texas.

Nov. 17-21 is the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Annual Convention and Trade Show.

With 130 hours of available continuing education (CE), a 300 exhibitor trade show featuring the newest products and services and all kinds of social events, It’s the world’s largest CE event and trade show dedicated to equine veterinary practice.

Featured speakers include:

- Nigel Marsh: Work-Life Balance: A Modern-Day Unicorn or Something Life Changingly Fabulous Available to All? The best-selling author and our keynote speaker will explore the balancing of career, family time, personal time, and productivity to rediscover overall wellness

- Padraic M. Dixon: The Evolution of Horses and the Evolution of Equine Dentistry. The 2017 State-of-the-Art Lecture will feature the internationally renowned dental expert.

- James Belknap, Teresa Burns and Andrew van Eps: Laminitis - New Evidence-Based Recommendations for Clinical Management.

CE seminars are presented under the following categories:

The Business of Practice - Focus on the non-medical aspects of practice that are essential to a healthy bottom line.

How-to - Expand your skills during these focused sessions that walk you step-by-step through procedures that have been deployed successfully by your colleagues. Following each presentation, you’ll possess the information to evaluate the technique and determine whether to implement in your practice.

In-Depth - Dig deeper into important medical topics. These sessions feature fewer but longer presentations, enabling a thorough exploration of key components of the subject matter.

Table Topics - Enlist the knowledge and experience of your colleagues to work through common challenges and identify solutions within specific areas of equine medicine. These facilitated discussions are information but highly informative, and draw upon the collective expertise of all attendees. You can find a detailed schedule here:

Meanwhile, warm and dry San Antonio is a good spot to find yourself in November. There’s plenty to do. Check out some ideas here:

While you’re in San Antonio, you can visit the Dragon Veterinary team and learn how our voice dictation software can be incorporated into all aspects of your practice to cut back drastically on your day to day screen time.

Vancouver ACVP & ASVCP 2017

The American College of Veterinary Pathologists and the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology will be teaming up for their 2017 concurrent annual meeting.

vancouver ACVP & ASVCP.png

Held Nov. 4-8 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in British Columbia, Canada, brings together the leading thinkers of the industry.

“Take this opportunity to network, collaborate, share, and discuss common scientific interests with your colleagues from three esteemed professional organizations,” write conference organizers.

“The program will include a mix of joint and separate curricula, including scientific sessions, poster presentations, workshops, career development, receptions, and other events.”

And it’s in British Columbia – home of the Canadian portion of the Rocky Mountains, old growth rain forest, killer whales and a lot of people who like to eat kale.

All, except for the last demographic, are good reasons to come to Canada.

It doesn’t even get actually cold in Vancouver … just sort of rainy and miserable sometimes.

While there, you can meet with us.

We’re Canadian, but we’re from way over on the East Coast … where fewer people eat kale and generally are way more interesting.

And we at Dragon Veterinary have developed a voice recognition software that will allow you to manage your practice and record patient data without using a keyboard.

Our speech recognition software is specially tailored for the veterinary profession.

We can tell you all about it in Vancouver in November.

And one more thing – B.C. has grizzly bears and mountain goats and cougars.