Tutorial #3: Installing TeamViewer

This brief tutorial teaches you how to install TeamViewer, the program that is used by our technicians to help facilitate and ensure productive remote support and training sessions

Installing TeamViewer

In preparation for your installation and training session with a Dragon Veterinary Technician, we ask that you please install TeamViewer onto your desired device(s). TeamViewer will allow our technician to remotely access, and thus install, the veterinary vocabulary, and will facilitate a highly productive training session!

  1. Click the following link: https://get.teamviewer.com/g8beykz
  2. If prompted, click “save” and wait the program to download
  3. Run the file
  4. Tell your technician the Session code. It will be a letter followed by 8 numbers
  5. When prompted, accept the request from the technician you are working with
  6. That’s it! TeamViewer is now installed and ready for use

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