4 User Friendly SEO Tips for Veterinary Clinics to stand out Online

4 User Friendly SEO Tips for Veterinary Clinics to stand out Online

4 User Friendly SEO Tips for Veterinary Clinics to stand out Online!


There are a number of things that make websites stand out above the rest.

Here are 4 Tips to follow the "rules of good conduct" to help you really STAND OUT from the crowd!

1 - The first rule of good conduct is making sure that your website is secure. Data breaches are becoming more frequent and websites need to show their users that they are safe. The best way to do this is to make sure that your URL starts with ‘https’ (not just ‘http’).

For example, if you have a Squarespace website like ours. You'll want to make those changes inside your Settings >  Security & SSL > change it to;

  • Secure (Preferred)


2 - The second rule of good conduct is to make sure that your website looks good on a mobile device. We can't stress this enough! 90% of your users are ALL on their Mobile devices.

Mobile searches are quickly becoming the main mode of internet search. It's not just a trend anymore, it's current day-to-day life.

So make sure you can clearly navigate your website a mobile/ labtop device. Just like it is on a desktop. To see if your website is mobile friendly, go here


3 - The third rule of good conduct is that more text is better, believe it or not! At least when it comes to searchability. The more text you have on your website, the more easily Google can understand what your clinic is all about. Googles’ bots still can’t understand sliders or pictures like a person "viewing your site". It processed information thru text. This makes Google classify the services you offer to match the appropriate searched terms.

This also means that you need to use ‘Keywords’ in your text. ‘Keywords’ are the words that your clients will most often type into the search engine. The more ‘Keywords’ you have on your website, the easier it is to build your organic traffic. (Organic meaning you don’t have to pay for it).


4 - Focus less on yourself and more on the wants and needs of your clients. When you are building an audience you want to think like your audience. 

If you pretend to be a client searching for your services. This makes it easier to design your website with the key elements that cater to them.

You have a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience on your Home page.


Here's to helping you stand out from the crowd!
Team Dragon


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