Our software compliments your veterinary practice management software which speeds up your work, so you can do more during your busy day or leave early.

Our tool helps you complete repetitive, mundane tasks in your clinic, faster and more efficiently.


Software Designed for Veterinarians by Veterinarians

We are Veterinarians Just Like You.

Our veterinary software is built by our team of Board certified Radiologists, who have extensive experience with all modalities of veterinary teleradiology.

Our Founder is Brian A. Poteet, DVM, Dip. ACVR

More Than Just Voice Dictation
Dragon Veterinary is 20 Years of Research, Development & Improvements


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What Veterinarians Are Saying About Dragon Veterinary?


"I find it useful in anytime I would be going to a keyboard, I’ll turn the microphone on and use that instead. It’s also useful writing quick notes. I just dictate straight onto the computer"

- Dr. Eamon Draper
Draper Veterinary Service

"The reason I purchased the software was to improve my accuracy and efficiency with record keeping, so that I can spend more time managing patients, doing surgery."

- Dr. Bob Radasch
Dallas Veterinary Surgical




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Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 with Veterinary Vocabulary Add On, helps veterinarians navigate medical decision-making and treatment plans into their veterinary practice management software of choice.

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Dragon Veterinary Software is as simple as Speaking.
Our Free "One on One" Training and Support will ensure you love our software,know how to use it, and understand it to its full potential.


Nuance Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 with
Veterinary Vocabulary


Enjoy All of the Advantages

- complements Your veterinary software

- Speeds up Your Daily Workflow

- No need to type and better accuracy

- more time with your patients


Avoid Present Clinic Issues

- 4 hours a day on emails and charts

- Staying at the office or Going home late

- Having to Learn How to type

- Still Paying a transcriptionist

I’m really happy with Dragon. It has definitely had a positive impact on my practice. I now can give my patients my full and undivided attention without having to worry about writing notes. I would recommend it to anyone
— Dr. Elhadi Mohammed

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Most importantly, Dragon Veterinary allows you to do what you do best. Treating your very special patients with special care!