Veterinarian Vocabulary Software Solutions

You Speak Their Language, We Speak Yours

There’s a reason that your animal patients, and their owners, trust you. You get animals, and know how to treat their unique needs. Their owners know they wouldn’t take a child to the veterinarian, or a puppy to the ER. So when it comes to the veterinarian tools you use, why would you choose something intended for the general medical field?

Dragon Veterinary specializes in veterinary software solutions. Our premier veterinary software program, Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with Veterinary Software Add On, is a speech recognition product developed specifically for veterinary clinics. We worked closely with Veterinary Radiologist Dr. Brian Poteet, DVM, Dip. ACVR, to create a set of vocabulary words exclusively for veterinary practices. Beyond specialized vocabulary for veterinarians, our software offers three sets of vocabulary words, one specific for small animals, one for large animals, and one for mixed animals, all of which can be bundled with the Dragon Medical product.

With Dragon Veterinary, you get all the benefits you expect from speech recognition software, from seamless integration with your current software, a reduction in the need to type, to an enhancement to your overall workflow, allowing you to spend more time with the furry ones that matter most. In addition, you get the benefits of a product made by veterinarians for veterinarians. We provide you with the technology that best speaks your language, so you can focus on speaking theirs.