Read this Two Minute Post, and Slash Two Hours from your Work Day!

Before jumping in and deciding to read this post, you likely paused to consider if you had the two minutes to spare.  In your successful veterinary practice, every second counts. Like a dog negotiating for that extra treat, or not letting an inch of leash length go to waste, veterinarians like you are always in search of more – more time, so you can do more for your patients.

At Dragon Veterinary, we share your quest for more. That’s why our speech recognition software, Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 with our Dragon Veterinary Vocabulary Add On, is more than your average dictation and transcription technology.  A tool customized to the needs and vocabulary of veterinarians, it gets the job done with more speed, and more accuracy.  

Our software allows you to dictate, edit, and sign medical records immediately. You’ll save the time once spent typing medical records, significantly streamlining your workflow and giving you more time with patients, with the potential to save up to two hours each day! So instead of spending time documenting care, you can spend more time giving it – truly more for your practice, your staff, and most importantly, your patients.