VET Conference & Medical Exposition

Veterinary Education Today Conference Canada

The Dragon Veterinary team is looking forward to travel to Toronto, Ontario for the VET (Veterinary Education Today) conference known for its focus on continuous education within the veterinary industry. The event enables exhibitors such as ourselves to connect with practicing veterinarians, and collaborate to continue improving our software. By getting to know practitioners, through LIVE demonstration of our software, it will further their learnings at the conference and offer an opportunity to implement this new still of record keeping in every day practice at their clinics. 

            VET will have a strong focus on continuous education, which will meet annual requirements faced by veterinarians looking to advance their practice. The event also factors in nine and a half hours for exhibitors to network with veterinarians on additional possibilities for continuous education and innovation of their practice. Attendees will also have the opportunity to have one-on-one chats with VET professionals. At the end of the conference, some keynote speakers will make their presentation slides available to attendees.

            While attending the conference, some things that would be recommended to have a fun trip would be the following. Professional sports in Toronto consist of a significant part of the entertainment sector. The Toronto Maple Leafs will be hosting the Detroit Redwings at the Air Canada Centre (ACC). Granted that this will be part of the pre-season it’s a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the ACC for an affordable price. Additionally, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is located within walking distance of the CN Tower and makes for a great stop while enjoying everything that Downtown Toronto has to offer. In the evenings, the Distillery District offers great dining opportunities to celebrate the great times at VET. If the veterinarians at the event don’t get enough hearing about the animals they will be treating in their practice, the Toronto Zoo will be available for these animal lovers .

            For those already attending and others that want to learn more about Veterinary Education Today follow the link below where you will find the program for the event .