ve+ summit


The Dragon Veterinary team invites veterinary clinics to join us at ve+ for their 2018 summit. Taking place in Guelph, ON ve+ is a day long conference on September 15th. This summit will be held with a future oriented mentality while welcoming forward thinking organizations, such as Dragon Veterinary. Ve+ is the first event of its kind to held in Canada! Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn about the rapid evolution of the veterinary field and apply these learnings to everyday practices in Canada.

Dragon Veterinary is a great fit for this event.  Like ve+ our core values focus around innovation & continuous learning. The service offered through our voice recognition software is intended to positively disrupt the veterinary industry and put more time back in the hands of practicing professionals.

Ve+ is aiming to recognize innovative minds that find themselves motivated by continuous education. Bringing all these minds together will allow them to network throughout the day and carry these invaluable connections forward to strive in their respective fields. Ve + is projecting to have 400 individuals attending the one-day event, offering endless opportunities for new and exciting conversations.

Attendees can expect to discuss pressing issues within the scope of veterinary medicine. The underlying objective of the conference is to provide support to veterinarians attempting to overcome industry challenges. Some of the issues on the agenda as per ve+’s event page are the following:

·         Telemedicine

·         Wearable Technology

·         3D Imaging

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Breakthrough methodologies

Dragon Veterinary is thrilled to be at ve+ as a start-up company actively working towards disrupting the lives of veterinarians that devote countless hours to their practices. We have invested our time into figuring how we can save veterinarians hours daily. We are aware that veterinarians lead busy lives and are on the go from the moment they get to the clinic in the morning until the moment they leave. Many veterinarians find they are staying late to catch up on paperwork and even bringing work home with them.

Dragon Veterinary dictation software can eliminate a large portion of work veterinarians face after seeing patients. Whether it be writing up post-op reports or documenting a patient’s annual check-up, veterinarians can save a lot of time.

Drop by for a LIVE product Demo and let us show you how our software works! We at Dragon Veterinary have the objective to eliminate the stress brought by spending relentless hours typing so veterinarians can allocate more time doing what matters most to them.

Ve+ is aiming to put Canada on the map in terms of a country to watch in the veterinary scope. Expect some of the brightest in the industry at the event as they actively work on gaining traction in their efforts.