Vancouver ACVP & ASVCP 2017

The American College of Veterinary Pathologists and the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology will be teaming up for their 2017 concurrent annual meeting.

vancouver ACVP & ASVCP.png

Held Nov. 4-8 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in British Columbia, Canada, brings together the leading thinkers of the industry.

“Take this opportunity to network, collaborate, share, and discuss common scientific interests with your colleagues from three esteemed professional organizations,” write conference organizers.

“The program will include a mix of joint and separate curricula, including scientific sessions, poster presentations, workshops, career development, receptions, and other events.”

And it’s in British Columbia – home of the Canadian portion of the Rocky Mountains, old growth rain forest, killer whales and a lot of people who like to eat kale.

All, except for the last demographic, are good reasons to come to Canada.

It doesn’t even get actually cold in Vancouver … just sort of rainy and miserable sometimes.

While there, you can meet with us.

We’re Canadian, but we’re from way over on the East Coast … where fewer people eat kale and generally are way more interesting.

And we at Dragon Veterinary have developed a voice recognition software that will allow you to manage your practice and record patient data without using a keyboard.

Our speech recognition software is specially tailored for the veterinary profession.

We can tell you all about it in Vancouver in November.

And one more thing – B.C. has grizzly bears and mountain goats and cougars.