2nd Annual Veterinary Innovation Summit April 6-8, 2018

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Dragon Veterinary will be attending the 2nd Annual Veterinary Innovation Summit (VIS) in Texas. VIS is all about fresh perspectives and challenging the status quo. The learning environment at VIS allows veterinarians in all stages of their careers to learn how to adapt to the changes in the profession. Technology and innovation will be a major focus at VIS.

Continuing education is shaped by teaching veterinarians how to react to the changes they are facing. Engineers, entrepreneurs and regulators will all be present at the summit.

There are three themes surrounding this year’s summit.

  • Patients like Us
  • The Human Animal Bond
  • Veterinarians Serving Society

VIS has found numerous dedicated keynote speakers to address each of the themes. The talks help to expand the perspectives and minds of the participants. Smaller breakout sessions will help participants turn all of the ideas they have heard about into action.

Dragon Veterinary is excited to be at VIS as a start-up company. We have invested our time into figuring how we can save veterinarians hours daily. We are aware that veterinarians lead busy lives and are on the go from the moment they get to the clinic in the morning until the moment they leave. Some veterinarians find they are staying late to catch up on paperwork or bringing work home with them.

Dragon Veterinary dictation software can eliminate a large portion of work veterinarians face after seeing patients. Whether it be writing up postop reports or documenting a patient’s annual check-up, veterinarians can save a lot of time.

Let us take the time to show you how our software can save you time on required tasks. We understand the hard work and care that veterinarians spend on each and every patient they see. We at Dragon Veterinary want to eliminate the stress associated with typing so veterinarians have more free time to spend doing what matters.

Drop by for a LIVE Demo and let us show you how our software works! 

Team Dragon


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