Fetch Central Kansas City 2018

Fetch Central Banner.png

As we are approaching the end of July we have been thinking about the great weather we have had so far this summer in Nova Scotia and all the fun we have been having. Now that we are about halfway through the summer months we have begun to look at what is on our schedule for the rest of the summer.

Fetch Central is only a few weeks away but we know the time is going to fly by. We have been trying to take some time this summer to relax on patios and enjoy some summer food and drinks. This lifestyle is something we would like to continue while we are in Kansas City for Fetch Central. We at Dragon Veterinary took some time and looked into what some of Kansas City’s token dishes are and we found out that they are very well known for having delicious food and drinks!

We have complied a list of three Kansas City highlights that we hope to checkout during Fetch Central. We picked a variety of options that appeal to those who like sweet, salty and of course hoppy. 


1. BBQ
Kansas is known for its rich history in BBQ cuisine. In the 1920s a man named Henry Perry began barbecuing in an outside fire pit. He began serving his barbecue in pieces of newspaper to anyone who was interested in trying his creations. Perry’s BBQ was very popular, and it sparked an interest in a number of other people to also try their hand in the BBQing business. It was at this point that barbecuing became popular and today the Barbecue in Kansas City draws people in from all over the world.


2. Craft Beer
Keeping up with the feel of summer we have looked into the craft beer market in Kansas City and it turns out craft beer is very popular. We have read that the beer tastes excellent and there are a lot of original brews that you can only access throughout the Midwest and other select locations in the United States. While in Kansas City we are looking forward to sitting on a patio and enjoying a craft beer that we cannot access easily in Canada. When we looked into which breweries are popular in Kansas City we came across a great selection. The breweries we would like to sample include Boulevard Brewing Company, Kansas City Bier Company

3. The Waffle Bar
After eating BBQ, you may find yourself looking for something sweet to enjoy on a nice warm summer day. Since we will be in Kansas we want to splurge and go all out on the foods we try and avoid while living our day to day lives. Although you will come across many ice cream shops in Kansas City we thought we would recommend something that is next level. There is a place called The Waffle Bar. The Waffle Bar Replaces an ice cream cone with a large bubble waffle. Inside the waffle is your choice of ice cream and copious amount of personalized toppings. I was going to tempt you with delicious looking photos of waffles and ice cream but unfortunately all of the photos are copyrighted so this is something you are just going to have to trust me on or visit their instagram (@thewafflebarkc)!