Fetch dvm360 Conference


CVC San Diego will run from from Dec. 7 to 10.

The event, held at the San Diego Convention Centre, features expert clinicians, problem solving practice management pros  and veterinary nurses presenting both the practical and the cutting edge.

They’ll help you sharpen your skills and organize your work-life balance.

For a full list of speakers, go here.

The conference is organized around the CVC philosophy of providing an affordable and educational continuing education experience.

Features of CVC San Diego include:

- Hands-on labs and unique learning opportunities.

- Access to ALL non-laboratory sessions, no matter your registration category.

- Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a proceedings CD or digital download are included with registration.

- Locations that are close to home or desirable vacation destinations.

- An active, solutions-oriented exhibit hall.

- Sessions that encourage you to interact, collaborate, and problem-solve with experts and peers.

Plus, best of all, we’ll be there.

The Dragon Veterinary team will be at CVC San Diego to show how our voice dictation software works hand in glove with your practice management software to cut screen time significantly for data entry.