Dragon Veterinary at CVMA and WSAVA


Our staff at Dragon Veterinary are ecstatic to make a trip out to Toronto for this year’s CVMA Convention! This will also be a join congress between the World Small Animal Veterinary Association. The WSAVA incorporates the teaching and understanding of veterinary medicine practiced in 87 different countries around the world. This is very thematically appropriate as Toronto itself is a culturally diverse melting pot of different cuisines and atmosphere.

As mentioned by Jim Berry, the small animal problems are consistent around the globe, however it’s the difference in approach that we have so much to learn from country to country. At the conference you will be able to learn about unique regional approaches to similar issues regarding small animals. There will a plethora of CE panels to partake in and learn from, to access the calendar click here.

While you’re learning about different cultural approaches to veterinary problems in the conference, we have decided to compile of list of internationally cultural experiences you can enjoy outside of the conference.

#1 MeNami

MeNami is a restaurant that specializes at creating unique Udon Noodle recipes. They are a copy of a South Korean sister restaurant located in Seoul. MeNami was featured on an episode of FOOD INSIDER, for that video you can click here. For any noodle fans this would be a must. Head over to 5469 Yonge St to experience their unique recipes.

#2 Schnitzel Queen

Schnitzel Queen is an authentic Czech restaurant located on 211 Queen St E that has been serving authentic schnitzel for the past 27 years according their website. This cash only takeout restaurant is a prime location for anyone that has never had authentic schnitzel sandwiches before. They’ll serve you great atmosphere and enough food to ensure you’ll have something to eat tomorrow.

#3 PAI


Pai is a Taiwanese restaurant located at 18 Duncan Street in Toronto. Many people may have already experienced Thai food in their respective hometowns, however, Pai does it right. With a chic underground location and a welcoming staff to greet and seat you, the entire experience will be one to remember. If you aren’t encapsulated as you enter you’ll certainly fall in love with the quality of their authetic Taiwanese food.

#4 Leela


If you’re looking for the best Indian food in downtown Toronto, look no further than Leela Indian Food Bar. They offer a mix of a modern and relaxed design featuring bare-brick walls and low hanging lights. They serve inventive indian style cuisine, served tapas-style (a wide variety of appetizers). They are located at 3108 Dundas St W.

Hopefully both the WSAVA and Toronto will give you a perfect all around culturally enlightening experience. We look forward to seeing you at the show, and make sure to stop by our booth (booth #20) for a chance to Try out Dragon veterinary for yourselves!