Championing Private Practice Ownership Seminar Series

July 18th, 2018 1:00pm - 6:00pmPST

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Continuing Education Session for Practice Managers

Shawn Willkie President and Co-Founder of Dragon Veterinary and Joel Parker, President and Co-Founder of Veterinary Practice Solutions work together to put on an interactive continuing education session
A day in the life of a veterinarian is typically long, balancing a lot of tasks including thorough patient care and proper documentation. If you add the task of operating your own clinic into the mix, there is not much time left for anything else. There are many challenges when running your own smaller clinic compared to working for a larger corporation. There are responsibilities that you may not even be aware of until you face them head on. Whether you are a veterinarian opening your own clinic or working to open a clinic for a friend or family member this session is an excellent opportunity to learn useful information for running a successful practice.
Over the course of this session attendees will learn the key to working with Yelp, how to find effective staff, how to properly set fees as well as outlining the 10 questions you should ask before you buy your next practice management software.


In addition to practice management software, this session will also teach practice managers about leveraging Yelp and how to ensure positive reviews on social media platforms. Yelp can be a helpful tool when looking to expand your customer network having a strong presence on Yelp will improve your presence as a veterinary clinic.


How to Find Really Good Staff
Another common issue that this CE session will discuss is finding the best staff. Running a clinic is not easy and we want to ensure you are finding excellent people who can help to make your clinic a success. This CE session will provide you will techniques that describe how to find the good staff who will do the job well and continue to grow the business in the process.


The Secret to Setting Fees
Deciding where to set the fees at the small clinic can be lead to a lot of uncertainty. If the fees are set too high a clinic might end up having a number of patients that come once but do not return because they are unable to find a clinic with more competitive prices. This price resistance can hurt a clinics client base and should be adjusted to fit somewhere in the middle.

10 Things to ask before you buy your next Practice Management Software

One type of problem practice managers face is trying to find which software for record keeping they should use. In many clinics this is a decision that is made for you and something that doesn’t even cross your mind. Picking the right software comes with a lot of questions and discussions before the right choice can be made. There are numerous practice management software’s available and none of them are perfect. This session will teach you what to look for and how to find the software that matches the needs of your clinic.

This continuing education session is offered exclusively for private practice owners (veterinarians or not) who want to learn about everything related to practice management software and how to know which one is right for them.