AZA 2018 Annual Conference


The Dragon Veterinary team is looking forward to attending the largest zoo and aquarium professionals’ event in the United States. The event will be happening from the

September 23rd to the 27th in Seattle, be sure to plan extra travel time to check out AZA-accredited institutions in the area!

              As the biggest event of the year, attendees can expect to see over 400 speakers and presenters, 200 plus program sessions, 180 passionate companies & organizations, as well as 125 animal committees! Dragon Veterinary is thrilled to be  attending the AZA Annual Conference for our first time and can’t wait to meet you there and show you LIVE what our software is capable of, and how this can impact your veterinary clinic.

We can’t wait to arrive in the United States #1 state with regards to technology & innovation. Dragon Veterinary’s voice recognition software is at the forefront of innovative products revolutionizing the veterinary industry. Not only is it able to recognize users voices, but it is an intuitive program that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a method of continuously improving its recognition capabilities and obtaining optimal performance for each user. An example of AZA’s innovated practices is their implementation of a Green Mission. Throughout the conference, AZA is actively prioritizing the use of materials on Forest Stewardship Council certified, recycled, double-sided paper, printed with vegetable oil-based inks. Their environmentally savvy mindset is only one example of their innovative approach to teaching.

Granted the educational nature of the conference, AZA continuously works towards raising money through the AZA Conservation Grants Fund.The purpose of this initiative is to support cooperative conservation and educational related initiatives. This year’s efforts will be going towards a silent auction held at the conference in the Exhibit Hall during the follow time:

o   Tuesday, September 25 (9:30am-6:30pm)

o   Wednesday, September 26 (1:30pm-7:00pm)

              Cumulatively, the Conservation Grants Fund has raised over $7 million, which has helped sponsor over 390 projects around the world. Examples of these can be found at the link below where it also possible to navigate to other relevant components of the conferences’ website.