2019 AVMA Conference


Top 5 things to see in Washington, DC during AVMA

This year’s American Veterinary Medical Association convention is taking place in Washington DC and we’re excited to be a part of the event.

Dragon Veterinary is proud to be one of over 300 solutions experts in the exhibit hall. Be sure to come find our booth between the 900 hours of available continued education at AVMA. Outside of talking to vendors and listening to keynote speakers we have also gathered a list of the top 5 things to see in Washington in case you’re feeling adventurous and wanted to make the absolute most out of your stay!

Washington DC is a political junkies dream, and for good reason. It’s architecture tells the story of a marked political history, past and present. As the nation’s capital, there is an abundance of places and experiences to explore beyond a tour of the White House. From great food , colorful alleyways, a vibrant music scene and museums galore, Washington DC always has something to see. Make sure to bring your walking shoes!

1) Visit The National Mall

Despite the name, Washington’s National Mall is not a shopping mall. In fact, it is the name given to a specific spot in the heart of the city, housing many popular monuments and museums. Sites include, the obscure Hirshhorn Museum, the National Gallery of Art, the Natural History Museum and a slew of other historical attractions.

Washington Monument in the heart of the National Mall,  www.washington.org

Washington Monument in the heart of the National Mall, www.washington.org

2) Visit the Smithsonians

The Smithsonians is a collective of 17 Museums and galleries around Washington DC including the Air and Space Museum, the National Zoo, The Smithsonian Castle and the National Portrait Gallery. Whatever you feel like seeing, the Smithsonians have got you covered. Not to mention, they are all free to tour!

The Smithsonian Castle

The Smithsonian Castle

3) Visit the largest library in the world

Washington’s Library of Congress has held the title of ‘Largest Library in the world’ since the year 1800 when it opened. Beyond the sheer size of the building, the library contains over 168 million items including transcripts, books and official documents. It is also home to Thomas Jefferson’s personal library and hold the world's smallest book.


4) Visit Smash Records

Music fans be warned, you won’t want to leave Washington’s iconic record store, Smash Records. Not only do they boast a hefty collection of indie, rock and alternative LP’s, CD’s and 7”s, they have a colourful instagram-worthy mural on the side of their building. Despite Washington's political nature, they have quite a vibrant music scene.

Smash Record,  @fredrocka

Smash Record, @fredrocka

5) Visit the local favourite Georgetown

The Georgetown neighborhood is an explorers dream. With its quaint cobblestone streets, famous past residents (Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy) and an array of shops and food stops, it’s no wonder its a local favourite. If you have a chance to visit, be sure to check out Baked and Wired for some sugary goodness, Café Milano for some southern Italian cuisine or take advantage of the endless coffee shops for your caffeine fix.

Street in Georgetown,  www.georgetowndc.com

Street in Georgetown, www.georgetowndc.com