15 Best Veterinary Practice Software for a Successful Veterinary Practice


You’re here for one of two reasons.

You’re looking for a veterinary practice software or you’re wondering if the vet software you already have will work with our voice recognition product.

Either way you’re probably overwhelmed and a twee bit disgusted with the plethora of options before you in the veterinary software market.

And you should be – there are over a dozen animal hospital software and small clinic software options on the market and they’re all screaming for your attention.

Right off the bat, we can solve one worry – Dragon Veterinary has been designed and tested to work with all veterinary softwares. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular vet tools to cut your amount of screen time.

“Our software just replaces the keyboard,” said Shawn Wilkie, president of Dragon Veterinary.

“For 99 per cent of all practice management software you just put the cursor where want to be and talk the text and the text will appear. Our software also allows you to take pre-existing text and turn it into a template with a simple voice command.”

The only veterinary software Dragon doesn’t work with is Cornerstone.

“We’ve done a lot of research and worked with the IDEXX team, but it doesn’t work with Cornerstone,” said Wilkie.

“However, we have a new cloud product that does work with cornerstone. We have a number of veterinarians that work with that product and Cornerstone already.”

What we won’t do here is tell you the best veterinary software.

The answer to that is unique to your practice – there are many different tools a vet uses to create a successful veterinary practice.

What we will do is give you an overview of the veterinary facility management options.

So whether you’re searching equine veterinary software programs, radiology practice management software or wondering what veterinary software prices are, we’ll give you the information we’ve been able to find.

Beyond the nitty gritty of the different products, all the veterinary software systems are designed to manage patient information, treatment planning, scheduling and accounting. They are also typically veterinary tools that provide information to assist in patient diagnoses and treatment management.

There are advanced veterinary computer software programs offered by radiology software companies and scaled down versions for small clinics.

All these softwares are designed to organize data – from billing, to scheduling to patient reports and treatment planning.

Dragon Veterinary allows you to input data into these vet clinic software systems faster.

The average person speaks about three times the speed that they type.

And they can’t type while treating a patient.

Dragon Veterinary allows you to speak to your veterinary software while diagnosing and treating a patient. This not only saves time, it also provides more accurate reports because you are filling them out while the information is fresh in your mind.

A video on another page of our website shows the our program being used with radiology software for veterinarians.

Animal Intelligence Software Inc.

Animal Intelligence Software Inc. (AIS), prides itself on customer service built around a system tailored for your particular clinic or hospital.

Their support team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are trained to provide expert advice on their vet computer programs in the context of your particular practice.

AI Galaxy is their flagship program for specialty, referral and emergency veterinarians.

Their software veterinary helps you effectively manage your practice medical records, invoicing, inventory, and increases the practice efficiency by fully integrating all features and functions.

Its inventory solutions ensures charge capture and reduces excess inventory through increased control and accountability. It also eliminates the many manual tasks associated with pharmacy and supply management, automatic generation of control drug log books and management of your inventory.

It addresses the special needs of unique practices with the customization for specialty practices, mobile clinics, and unique practice settings, Customized Cloud solutions designed for your practice or complete local system setup, 24/7 live emergency support.

Other features include invoicing, estimates, credits card processing, appointment scheduler, DICOM, email, faxing, text messaging, financial reporting, data mining.

For AIS veterinary software prices you will need to contact the company directly.

AIS is fully compatible with Dragon Veterinary.


AviMark is a Windows based vet-software that claims 10,000 customers around the world and is fully compatible with Dragon Veterinary.

Its features include an appointment calendar, boarding calendar, client information display, client server architecture, comprehensive treatment list, dental chart, estimates, image capture, information search, inventory control, lab integrations, mobile clinic, patient reminders, practice analysis, reports, security, S.O.A.P, and whiteboard.

It can contact owners by e-mail or text message straight from the software.

As a leading provider of software for veterinary practices, AviMark also offers website hosting and marketing communications services, online data backup services, credit card processing, and computer hardware sales and service.

Pricing for the veterinary computer software starts out at $169 a month for 60 months.


ClienTrax offers three levels of veterinary practice management software.

The basic module includes a full client information management system and also handles inventory, scheduling, prescription labelling, reminders and accounts receivable. It also has over 100 report templates to handle everything from treatment plans to billing.

The Standard Module is a full practice management software that allows you to create a paperless practice, create your own reports, remote access, purchasing and boarding modules, lab equipment integration, credit card payment and electronic cash drawer.

The highest level of the practice management system adds a full accounting system to the mix.

ClienTrax Accounting is a fully integrated accrual based complete double entry general ledger accounting system. There is no need to transfer information into another accounting program. Enter data once and only once. Print Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and Profit and Loss Statements, Cash Disbursements, Account Activity by any range of periods. ClienTrax works with Dragon Veterinary.


Cornerstone is a full suite practice management software.

It allows you to monitor every patient’s care and progress, and capture all billable items in real time with the Cornerstone Electronic Whiteboard.

Over 170,000 veterinary professionals use Cornerstone daily to manage everything from their radiology software veterinarians needs, to credit card processing and inventory management.


This company offers two products - a vet clinic software and veterinary office software.

DVMAX P is a complete practice management solution for small clinics or large, distributed practices.

DVMAX R is an electronic animal medical records solution for large- and small-scale facilities working with animals outside of the practice. DVMAX R provides record keeping, reporting, treatment scheduling and validation.

The veterinary computer software mac and PC compatible with standard features like emailing and treatment plans, built-in word processing, easy search capabilities and report generation.

DVMAXSync offers one-click remote processing which allows the remote veterinarian to update patient records with “one click.”

DVMAX’s integrated, full-featured word processing facility makes it possible for you to quickly and easily create customized letters, reminder cards, rabies certificates and any other documents you require.

It works with a variety of blood analyzers, providing the seamless integration of test results into your patient records from both in-house lab instruments and external lab sources.

DVMAXLink allows your practice management software to integrate with your existing veterinary systems, devices and files.

It’s integrated credit and debit payment processing feature, now with the security of EMV chip technology, allows for the automatic capture of all payment information.

DVMAX offers a full range of reporting tools including End of Day reports, End of Month reports, and Receivables report, Inventory Value Report, The Invoice Share by Provider Report, Top-Spending Clients, Top-Spending Clients, Year-End Income Summary, and Sales Tax Report, and can also create custom reports for the specific needs of your practice.

For pricing you will need to contact DVMAX directly.

DVMAX is fully compatible with Dragon Veterinary.

e-Vet Practice

e-Vet Practice is a complete computer software systems veterinary office.

This veterinary software is cloud based, so your office does not require its own server.

It’s also mobile enabled, so you can use it on any computer enabled device.

Both a veterinary clinic software and a veterinary office software, it features integrated payment processing, automated appointment reminders, electronic medical records and a pet owner accessible online portal that gives clients 24/7 access to features of your choosing.

The system will keep track of the expiration of wellness plans as well as usage within that wellness plan by the patient. Wellness plans can also have payment plans set up which will automatically process the customers card on a schedule you dictate. The wellness plan report will help you see which patients have plans and how much is let on each plan. The payment plan report will help you see what payments were processed, which payments received an error when processing, and which payments are scheduled to process.

This software veterinary is fully integrated with both ANTECH diagnostics and IDEXX Reference Lab Integrations.


Created using open source programming language, ezyVet is a cloud based practice management software that boasts lower initial startup costs.

Pricing is based upon the number of employees in your clinic.

Because it is cloud based you access ezyVet anywhere, anytime through a computer or mobile device.

ezyVet is both Abaxis and INDEXX integrated, so you can access lab results through the software.

All data is automatically backed up with no data deleted so you can go back in time through ezyVet’s change log.

ezyVet handles all aspects of your veterinary practice including boarding, billing, calendars, financial statements, lab results, inventory, marketing and treatment information. ezyVet works with Dragon Veterinary.

Hippo Manager

Hippo Manager is the largest independently owned cloud-based veterinary practice management software provider in the US. Based in Lexington, KY the easy to use and simple to learn software empowers veterinary professionals to thrive.

Hippo is designed with any size and specialty veterinary practice in mind. From mobile vets to large enterprise multi-unit hospitals, the practice management software focuses on strength and reliability with more built-in features than other cloud competitors. With an intuitive interface, a future-proof foundation and loaded with robust features and integrations like labs, 2-way text messaging and more, Hippo Manager is adaptable and scalable.

Hippo offers built-in tools and resources to reduce missed charges, client no-shows and inventory mismanagement. Awesome reports such as performance trackers with graphical output, provider production reports and more can be used to identify KPIs and set goals to meet industry benchmarks. Unique features such as Google 2-way sync, built-in DICOM viewer, accessibility from any device with an internet connection and multi-tab functionality means that practices and staff can be more efficient and get home faster. Hippo Manager is driven to help veterinary professionals achieve a better work-life balance through full-service practice management software.

Highly rated customer support and the best onboarding in the industry adds to the list of features that sets Hippo Manager apart from other providers. Unlimited data storage (PACS), patients, users, support and online training is included with every monthly subscription. At one price per vet per month and special pricing available for education, enterprise and non-profit, the price is as straightforward and simple as the software. Hippo Manager always offers a no-obligation free trial. Call or text 877-819-0159


ImproMed has three versions of their practice management software.

  1. ImproMed Advantage – A base version of their software that boasts ease of use and affordability.

  2. ImproMed Infinity – Their most advanced software.

  3. ImproMed Triple Crown – Is specially designed for equine veterinarians.

All are fully compatible with Dragon.

Here are a few more details on each.

ImproMed Advantage

Advantage allows you to create customized templates for all medical processes and import lab results and images directly into the medical record.

Its’ purchasing manager takes care of all aspects of vendor interaction including inventory tracking and purchase history.

Its building manager includes all features of reserving space and boarding patients even customizing cages by species, weight and size.

Its mobile tool allows you to synchronize all client information with your office and your mobile device.

ImproMed Infinity

This software for veterinary clinics is designed to manage every aspect of your practice from appointment scheduling and billing to treatment plans, inventory, patient reminders and marketing.

Infinity veterinary practice management software offers more than 50 vendor partner integrations. Practices can connect with vendors of their choice for in-house and reference labs, digital imaging, pharmacy references, and more. Infinity is the hub for credit card processing, inventory, and general ledger.

It’s enhanced reporting system is built on the Microsoft SQL platform and gives you over 250 financial, productivity, management and inventory report options.

Its mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices allow you to look up client and patient information, upload images directly into Infinity, access lab results, view medical records and view patient and client information. You can also monitor profitability from your smartphone, search revenue, payments, transactions and accounts receivable.

ImproMed Triple Crown

Triple Crown Equine Practice Management Software operates in a hospital setting or in ambulatory practices — mobile versions are available for rapid access on laptops or tablets.

Specifically designed for equine patients to quickly “check the boxes” to administer treatments, which updates the medical record and places appropriate charges on the client invoice.

Its mobile apps allow you to look up client and patient information, upload images directly into Triple Crown, view medical records, view patient and client information.


Like most vets software, Intravet allows you to go paperless at your clinic.

The system encompasses all aspects of your practice whether you are seeking a veterinary clinic software or a system for a large animal hospital.

Intravet’s medical history visits and SOAP features allow you to quickly retrieve data from previous visits, review historical lab data, access medical images, enter SOAP information for a patient during an exam, select a diagnosis and treatment plan. The visit is closely integrated with invoicing to avoid redundancy in your work. Visit templates can be created for common visit types (first puppy visit) or frequently seen conditions (otitis template) and can contain pre-built plan charges and even tasks to be performed.

With Intravet’s flexible appointment calendar, you can make appointments for all of your providers with separate time slot allotments for different medical procedures. Intravet claims to be the only scheduler that lets you view both the details of each appointment and an overall view of the day for every provider on one screen.

Intravet’s graphical boarding module allows you to set up feeding, exercise schedules, medication schedules, services to be performed and items to be dispensed during boarding. Weekend and holiday surcharges are easy to implement, and charges can be set up by cage type, species or weight.

Intravet allows you to download lab results from in-house equipment and websites into specific patient medical records, as part of the patient's history. Lab results also can be posted as open invoices. Intravet connects with IDEXX, Abaxis, Heska and Scil in-house laboratory equipment. The program can also download online reference laboratory results from Antech and IDEXX.

Intravet is fully compatible with Dragon Veterinary.

Vet Office Suite

This system claims to be one of the most user friendly veterinary programs online.

This vets software allows you to Add multiple users with different permissions and watch your staff access schedules, add clients & patients, or create and e-mail all types of EMRs and forms from any device. Veterinarians can use a tablet to run their entire office.

It also features specialty equine and large animal software for all species and breeds, ranging from horses to llamas.

The completely paperless platform is encrypted and backed up nightly.

Vet Office Suites allows you free trial access to its vet computer programs for your first 100 customers. You will immediately be assigned a personal account manager who will get you familiar with the platform and help you with the basic setup for no charge. From that point on, if you get stuck in the field or have a problem or question, your account manager will be on call to assist you.

Vetter Software

Vetter Software is a cloud based practice management system that works on any device with an internet connection.

Being cloud based you don’t actually have to download the software or have your own server – just log in.

It uses the same 256 bit encryption system as banks use and is backed up nightly for security.

Through Vetter you can manage your inventory, scheduling and billing and create treatment reports. Vetter is compatible with Antech, Abaxis and Heska. It is also compatible with Dragon Veterinary.

VIA Veterinary Information Systems

You’re not a software vet, you’re a veterinarian who uses software.

VIA claims to integrate all the functions of your office and practice, big or small, so you can manage employees, clients, patients and scheduling on the go.

Their account managers and technical support specials provide onsite training, data conversion, network configuration, and full hardware and software technical support.

Features include SOAP charting, treatment plans, laboratory integration, DICOM imaging, inventory, client billing, scheduling, electronic flowsheets and more. VIA’s complete electronic medical record system is designed to capture accurate, detailed records with ease. They build their features around a workflow based design so they are quick to learn and easy to use for your whole practice, from check-in and charting to submitting a lab order, email, or billing update.

The digital radiology veterinary aspects of your practice are included in patient histories, along with treatment plans and previous visits.

VIA’s hospitalization functionality turns indecipherable whiteboards and flowsheets into organized information. Whether you’re looking for a census overview or detailed treatment tasks.

Treatment reminders are generated for every patient based on your rules. VIA’s reminder wizard handles marketing campaigns for sending reminders to your clients in the form of emails, postcards, or integration with marketing services from Vetstreet, Demandforce, and others. Each reminder’s effectiveness is tracked so you can alter your message between the first, second, or later requests for action.

Credit cards can be processed inside VIA’s system.

VIA includes practice analysis reports, production reports, financial reports, AAHA chart of accounts, statements and finance charges, accounts receivable, data mining, employee timeclock, user and security controls, database backup to the cloud, full service and inventory coding, billing controls, discounts, and taxes, vendor management, equipment integration, and business centers for multi-site use.

VIA is completely compatible with Dragon Veterinary.

With so many different veterinary softwares to choose from, it is no wonder that many veterinarians feel overwhelmed by the choice. As an integral part of the current veterinary practice, it is critical that animal hospitals find the practice management solution that is right for them, and we hope that this blog can help in that journey.


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