Dragon Veterinary at Fetch East 2019


We at Dragon Veterinary are very excited to be attending Fetch East in Baltimore Maryland this year! Not only are we going to be showcasing our Dragon Veterinary product, we will also be having fun around the city while we’re in town.

During showtime hours we recommend you stop by our booth (#1135) to check out a live demonstration of Dragon Veterinary, in addition to listening to an array of amazing guest speakers!

After showtime, we recommend you explore the city and immerse yourself in the myriad of activities and locations that Baltimore has to offer. Below we will be compiling a small list of must-see local spectacles that anyone would enjoy!

1. The National Aquarium


This first suggestion is a must see for anyone visiting Baltimore and should be the first thing on your to-do list. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is located directly on the Harbor at 501 East Pratt Street, featuring incredible architecture and 20,000+ animal residents. Another reason this should be the first thing on your list is because tickets are half priced on Fridays after 5 pm, which also happens to be the first day of the conference!

2. The Inner Harbor

While on the harbor, make sure to take the opportunity to walk around to experience what else it has to offer. The harbor is home to various military ships as well as museums for you to explore. Or just take the time to absorb the view of one of the most influential American ports.

3. Oriole Park at Camden Yards


For fans of baseball, atmosphere, and everything in between, Camden Yards is certainly an must go. Home of Orioles, this team is sure to have some action packed games coming up in early may. Be sure to catch one of their games during your stay, but act quick because tickets are selling fast!

4. Nightlife and Bars


If you are a fan of the nightlife, Baltimore will surely have plenty to offer! Baltimore’s diverse districts will be sure to give you the perfect social experience that will suit your taste. Head over to : https://baltimore.org/article/baltimore-nightlife-and-bars to find a bar that picks at your interest!

We hope this helps give you a few ideas on what to do with the rest of your time in this city. Maybe we will even run into you out on the town?

We will be sending two of our employees to the conference who are experts on Dragon Dictation. If you’re tired of writing out your notes in you PMS ask us about how our software helps speed up animal medical dictations at booth 1135!

See you soon!

2018 AAFP Conference

AAFP 2018 Conference

AAFP 2018 Conference

From the 28th to 30th of September, the Dragon Team will be flying to Charlotte, NC to attend 2018 Conference hosted by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). The AAFP is excited to gather attendees from all around the world to discuss the different stages of their professional careers.  This provides the possibility to advance veterinary practices by having conversations that would otherwise be impossible.  Dragon Veterinary will provide LIVE demonstrations to any veterinary practice looking to advance their professional reputation and take the next step to improve their practice.

AAFP is hosting the event with the purpose of bringing together healthcare professionals, with a primary focus on felines, that are looking to augment their current knowledge as well as the overall standard of care of felines. The Dragon Veterinary software specializes in voice-recognition, which increases the speed of record keeping in veterinary clinics. With a specialized vocabulary extension, Dragon Veterinary enables accurate transcription saving countless hours of record keeping in practices all over North America.

AAFP brought together distinguished speakers from all over the world. Attendees can expect to have sessions led by Dr. Jeannine Berger, Dr. Christine Bohn Kirnos, Dr. Tony Buffington and many more well known practitioners. Visit this link: https://www.catvets.com/public/PDFs/Education/2018/SpeakerBios2018.pdf to learn more about the speakers through their Speaker Bios.

Outside of the event in North Carolina, Charlotte has so much to offer related to entertainment and provide great alternatives for attendees to spend time there outside of event hours. Check out the follow link including 101 fun things to do while in Charlotte: https://www.charlottesgotalot.com/articles/things-to-do/101-fun-things-to-do-in-charlotte


AZA 2018 Annual Conference


The Dragon Veterinary team is looking forward to attending the largest zoo and aquarium professionals’ event in the United States. The event will be happening from the

September 23rd to the 27th in Seattle, be sure to plan extra travel time to check out AZA-accredited institutions in the area!

              As the biggest event of the year, attendees can expect to see over 400 speakers and presenters, 200 plus program sessions, 180 passionate companies & organizations, as well as 125 animal committees! Dragon Veterinary is thrilled to be  attending the AZA Annual Conference for our first time and can’t wait to meet you there and show you LIVE what our software is capable of, and how this can impact your veterinary clinic.

We can’t wait to arrive in the United States #1 state with regards to technology & innovation. Dragon Veterinary’s voice recognition software is at the forefront of innovative products revolutionizing the veterinary industry. Not only is it able to recognize users voices, but it is an intuitive program that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a method of continuously improving its recognition capabilities and obtaining optimal performance for each user. An example of AZA’s innovated practices is their implementation of a Green Mission. Throughout the conference, AZA is actively prioritizing the use of materials on Forest Stewardship Council certified, recycled, double-sided paper, printed with vegetable oil-based inks. Their environmentally savvy mindset is only one example of their innovative approach to teaching.

Granted the educational nature of the conference, AZA continuously works towards raising money through the AZA Conservation Grants Fund.The purpose of this initiative is to support cooperative conservation and educational related initiatives. This year’s efforts will be going towards a silent auction held at the conference in the Exhibit Hall during the follow time:

o   Tuesday, September 25 (9:30am-6:30pm)

o   Wednesday, September 26 (1:30pm-7:00pm)

              Cumulatively, the Conservation Grants Fund has raised over $7 million, which has helped sponsor over 390 projects around the world. Examples of these can be found at the link below where it also possible to navigate to other relevant components of the conferences’ website.


VET Conference & Medical Exposition

Veterinary Education Today Conference Canada

The Dragon Veterinary team is looking forward to travel to Toronto, Ontario for the VET (Veterinary Education Today) conference known for its focus on continuous education within the veterinary industry. The event enables exhibitors such as ourselves to connect with practicing veterinarians, and collaborate to continue improving our software. By getting to know practitioners, through LIVE demonstration of our software, it will further their learnings at the conference and offer an opportunity to implement this new still of record keeping in every day practice at their clinics. 

            VET will have a strong focus on continuous education, which will meet annual requirements faced by veterinarians looking to advance their practice. The event also factors in nine and a half hours for exhibitors to network with veterinarians on additional possibilities for continuous education and innovation of their practice. Attendees will also have the opportunity to have one-on-one chats with VET professionals. At the end of the conference, some keynote speakers will make their presentation slides available to attendees.

            While attending the conference, some things that would be recommended to have a fun trip would be the following. Professional sports in Toronto consist of a significant part of the entertainment sector. The Toronto Maple Leafs will be hosting the Detroit Redwings at the Air Canada Centre (ACC). Granted that this will be part of the pre-season it’s a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the ACC for an affordable price. Additionally, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is located within walking distance of the CN Tower and makes for a great stop while enjoying everything that Downtown Toronto has to offer. In the evenings, the Distillery District offers great dining opportunities to celebrate the great times at VET. If the veterinarians at the event don’t get enough hearing about the animals they will be treating in their practice, the Toronto Zoo will be available for these animal lovers .

            For those already attending and others that want to learn more about Veterinary Education Today follow the link below where you will find the program for the event .


ve+ summit


The Dragon Veterinary team invites veterinary clinics to join us at ve+ for their 2018 summit. Taking place in Guelph, ON ve+ is a day long conference on September 15th. This summit will be held with a future oriented mentality while welcoming forward thinking organizations, such as Dragon Veterinary. Ve+ is the first event of its kind to held in Canada! Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn about the rapid evolution of the veterinary field and apply these learnings to everyday practices in Canada.

Dragon Veterinary is a great fit for this event.  Like ve+ our core values focus around innovation & continuous learning. The service offered through our voice recognition software is intended to positively disrupt the veterinary industry and put more time back in the hands of practicing professionals.

Ve+ is aiming to recognize innovative minds that find themselves motivated by continuous education. Bringing all these minds together will allow them to network throughout the day and carry these invaluable connections forward to strive in their respective fields. Ve + is projecting to have 400 individuals attending the one-day event, offering endless opportunities for new and exciting conversations.

Attendees can expect to discuss pressing issues within the scope of veterinary medicine. The underlying objective of the conference is to provide support to veterinarians attempting to overcome industry challenges. Some of the issues on the agenda as per ve+’s event page are the following:

·         Telemedicine

·         Wearable Technology

·         3D Imaging

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Breakthrough methodologies

Dragon Veterinary is thrilled to be at ve+ as a start-up company actively working towards disrupting the lives of veterinarians that devote countless hours to their practices. We have invested our time into figuring how we can save veterinarians hours daily. We are aware that veterinarians lead busy lives and are on the go from the moment they get to the clinic in the morning until the moment they leave. Many veterinarians find they are staying late to catch up on paperwork and even bringing work home with them.

Dragon Veterinary dictation software can eliminate a large portion of work veterinarians face after seeing patients. Whether it be writing up post-op reports or documenting a patient’s annual check-up, veterinarians can save a lot of time.

Drop by for a LIVE product Demo and let us show you how our software works! We at Dragon Veterinary have the objective to eliminate the stress brought by spending relentless hours typing so veterinarians can allocate more time doing what matters most to them.

Ve+ is aiming to put Canada on the map in terms of a country to watch in the veterinary scope. Expect some of the brightest in the industry at the event as they actively work on gaining traction in their efforts.


CE Session.png

If there is one thing we have learned since we first developed the veterinary software, it is that from the time veterinarians begin school they no longer have any free time. We have been working to understand what takes up most of the time in a veterinarians day and we are working towards solving just one small piece of the puzzle. 

Through partnerships and attending trade shows we have learned that we are not the only ones who share the goal of improving veterinarians work flow and providing them with more time for what is important. 

VETgirl, a well known veterinarian through all social media mediums, was a developed by a vet student who was struggling to live a balanced life. When she was student for her board examination she felt she needed to go for a run to relieve some stress. While out running she was wishing that she could be listening to her study materials while running to help with the time crunch. It was at this point that the concept of VETgirl was born. VETgirl, also known as Dr. Justine Lee, partnered up with Dr. Pachtinger who is tech savvy to bring the concept of VETgirl to life.

The goal of VETgirl is to provide continuing education to veterinarians that does not require them to take time off work, travel to a different city, or pay for flights and accommodations. Through the use of technology which we are surround by every day, veterinarians can gain access to CE where ever they are  whether it be driving in the car, taking the dog for a walk or waiting to pick the kids up from their extra curricular activities.

VETgirl CE can be simply accessed on a laptop, smart phone or a tablet. A subscription grants a veterinarian access to 40 hours of RACE approved content. The content is displayed in webinars, how to videos, real life rounds and podcasts. 

VETgirl and their success in providing veterinarians with continuing education from the comfort of their own home has made their presence on social media extensive. For the first time, VETgirl will be hosting their own continuing education conference called VETgirl-U. The conference has been sold out for months. 

Dragon Veterinary is excited to announce that we have obtained a spot in the exhibitor hall and can't wait! This innovative and forward thinking conference is exactly the energy we are love to see. Please drop by our table to have a chat with us about your practice.

We look forward to seeing everyone at VETgirl-U next week! 

Continuing Education Brief

CE Session.png

More than at any point in history, technology is changing rapidly, and often for the better. The smartphone is barely a decade old and hundreds of millions of us use it every day to connect with the world around us. Netflix moved away from its old business model as a mail-order DVD service and embraced streaming, becoming one of the world’s largest media companies in the process.

Consumers are driving technological innovation because they are faster to adopt new products and services. As a result, it’s not uncommon for businesses, entities traditionally very slow to change their way of doing things, to fall even further behind the technological curve.

The veterinary industry is very quick to implement new medical technologies - to have everything they can at their disposal in order to treat their patients - but this is not the case with administrative technology. Many clinics do not use - or are using incorrect - veterinary management software, resulting in low efficiency, lessened morale, and lost profits.

The veterinary industry is very quick to implement new medical technologies - to have everything they can at their disposal in order to treat their patients - but this is not the case with administrative technology. Many clinics do not use - or are using incorrect - veterinary management software, resulting in low efficiency, lessened morale, and lost profits.

This lack of implementation is not the result of apathy, of not wanting to perform at the highest possible level; it is often due to lack of knowledge regarding information technology (IT) and information management (IM) infrastructure. IT infrastructure, for example, can be difficult to understand and implement, resistant to change, and expensive, which seems so antithetical to the nature of business that many are unwilling to give it a second thought despite its advantages.

Dr. Ivan Zak, President of Smart Flow, and Shawn WIlkie, President of Dragon Veterinary, have over thirty years of combined experience in IT and IM in the veterinary medical space. Their upcoming interactive session, “10 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Your Next Practice Management Software”, aims to explore the fundamentals of IT and IM, preparing veterinary professionals to make informed decisions about their own IT and IM needs, and help lay the groundwork for the adoption of vet management software.

There are five main components within IM that drive a practice: hardware (IT infrastructure), software, methodology, processes, and people. Each of these components is reliant on all of the others, such that if one were taken way, the whole system would cease to work. Practice Management Software, or PMS, is the element which brings software, methodology, and processes together, and is thus a key component of any modern veterinary practice.

When you’re looking to get started with a PMS, you’ll want to find one that fits seamlessly into your existing practice - if you need to force your practice to fit around a PMS, it is not the right one for you. It should be also designed for the modern day: cloud architecture and the ability to integrate with other platforms are a must.

Choosing a PMS will always be subjective, and none of them are perfect - there is no universal “best”. There is only the best PMS for your specific veterinary practice, and “10 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Your Next Practice Management Software” will help you determine your own methodology and hierarchy of importance to find the right PMS for you.

Fetch Central Kansas City 2018

Fetch Central Banner.png

As we are approaching the end of July we have been thinking about the great weather we have had so far this summer in Nova Scotia and all the fun we have been having. Now that we are about halfway through the summer months we have begun to look at what is on our schedule for the rest of the summer.

Fetch Central is only a few weeks away but we know the time is going to fly by. We have been trying to take some time this summer to relax on patios and enjoy some summer food and drinks. This lifestyle is something we would like to continue while we are in Kansas City for Fetch Central. We at Dragon Veterinary took some time and looked into what some of Kansas City’s token dishes are and we found out that they are very well known for having delicious food and drinks!

We have complied a list of three Kansas City highlights that we hope to checkout during Fetch Central. We picked a variety of options that appeal to those who like sweet, salty and of course hoppy. 


1. BBQ
Kansas is known for its rich history in BBQ cuisine. In the 1920s a man named Henry Perry began barbecuing in an outside fire pit. He began serving his barbecue in pieces of newspaper to anyone who was interested in trying his creations. Perry’s BBQ was very popular, and it sparked an interest in a number of other people to also try their hand in the BBQing business. It was at this point that barbecuing became popular and today the Barbecue in Kansas City draws people in from all over the world.


2. Craft Beer
Keeping up with the feel of summer we have looked into the craft beer market in Kansas City and it turns out craft beer is very popular. We have read that the beer tastes excellent and there are a lot of original brews that you can only access throughout the Midwest and other select locations in the United States. While in Kansas City we are looking forward to sitting on a patio and enjoying a craft beer that we cannot access easily in Canada. When we looked into which breweries are popular in Kansas City we came across a great selection. The breweries we would like to sample include Boulevard Brewing Company, Kansas City Bier Company

3. The Waffle Bar
After eating BBQ, you may find yourself looking for something sweet to enjoy on a nice warm summer day. Since we will be in Kansas we want to splurge and go all out on the foods we try and avoid while living our day to day lives. Although you will come across many ice cream shops in Kansas City we thought we would recommend something that is next level. There is a place called The Waffle Bar. The Waffle Bar Replaces an ice cream cone with a large bubble waffle. Inside the waffle is your choice of ice cream and copious amount of personalized toppings. I was going to tempt you with delicious looking photos of waffles and ice cream but unfortunately all of the photos are copyrighted so this is something you are just going to have to trust me on or visit their instagram (@thewafflebarkc)!