Tutorial #21: Uninstalling Dragon Veterinary

This video teaches you how to uninstall Dragon Veterinary from your device in the event that you are getting rid of an old device and want the software installed on the replacement one. To install the software on this new device, refer to the tutorials on installing Dragon Medical and the Veterinary Vocabulary Add-On.

Uninstalling Dragon from Your Device

If you have reached your install limit or are simply done with a computer, we strongly advise that you remove/uninstall Dragon Veterinary from that computer to free up an install for your replacement device or another device later-on. You may also run into technical challenges that can only be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the software. To uninstall Dragon from your device:

  1. Close dragon if it is open

  2. In the start menu search for “Control Panel” and press “Enter”

  3. Browse to “Programs and Features” followed by “Uninstall a Program”

  4. Select “Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4” from the list of programs

  5. Click “Remove”

  6. Follow the on-screen prompts taking you through the uninstaller

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