Tutorial #14: Playing Back a Dictated Recording

This tutorial goes over the steps to follow if you want to playback an audio recording of a previous dictation in Dragon Veterinary, a helpful review tool if an error is made during dictation

Playing Back a dictated recording

Another helpful feature in Dragon is the "Play That" command. This command will replay the recorded audio of you dictating a certain selection of text. This is very useful for correcting a document that has been previously recorded.

To use these commands, you can do the following: 

  1. Launch Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, if it isn't already open, by double clicking the desktop icon, clicking the icon on the taskbar if present, or by simply opening the start menu in windows and typing in "Dragon Medical Practice Edition," and then pressing enter

  2. Once Dragon opens, either select a profile to load or, if you have only one profile, wait for Dragon to load your profile

  3. Dictate some text using your microphone into your practice management software or word processing software or transcribe a previously recorded file

  4. Highlight the portion of your dictated text you want read back to you

  5. Say "Play That" to begin the read back of the text

  6. You can also click on the double arrows next to "Help" on the Dragon Bar to expand your Dragon Bar's features

  7. From the expanded dragon bar, you can then click on the "playback" button

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