Tutorial #2: Installing the Dragon Veterinary Vocabulary

The next step in getting your Dragon Veterinary software setup is to install the Dragon Veterinary vocabulary. This will ensure that you can select the veterinary vocabulary when setting up your profile, giving preference to veterinary terms in your dictations.

Creating your user profile
Adding a Second Vocabulary to profile

Installing the Dragon Veterinary Vocabulary

Dragon Veterinary is a software add-on to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. In order to utilize the Veterinary Vocabulary Add-on it will need to be installed into Dragon Medical. The following guide takes you through the steps required to install it.

Installing the Add-on:

  1. Insert the Dragon Veterinary USB into your computer

  2. Navigate to the file called “Setup” and double click it

  3. Click “next” and proceed through the User Agreement

  4. When prompted enter your serial number exactly as it is written – this includes the dashes and capitals, failing to do so may result in an error

  5. If prompted allow the program to make changes to your computer (it is installing the vocabulary into Dragon)

  6. Enter your name and clinic name to register your product – this is essential for us to be able to look up your serial number if you move computers

  7. Let the installer run and when finished click done, you are now ready to start setting up you user profile and using Dragon Veterinary

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