Tutorial #1: Installing Dragon Medical Practice Edition

This video shows you how to install Dragon Medical Practice Edition, the software on which Dragon Veterinary is based. Please ensure this is done prior to your install and training session

Installing Dragon Medical Practice EditioN

Congratulations on your purchase of Dragon Veterinary! 

The first step to getting your software up and running is to install the Dragon Medical Practice Edition software on the device(s) of your choice (hint: you can install it on up to four devices, including your server). Once you choose your device(s), follow the steps below to ensure a flawless setup so Dragon can start saving you time and money!

  1. Download the Dragon Medical software file by inserting the disk that was mailed to you in your devices’ disk drive

  2. To open the software file select “Open to view files” when prompted or open file explorer, right click the CD drive, and click “Open”

  3. Once the file is open, locate “setup” or “setup.exe” (ensure that the word ‘Application’ appears beside it as there are multiple items listed as ‘setup’)

  4. When the setup launcher opens, click “next” to read the license agreement, you must then click “I accept…”, then “next” to proceed

  5. Fill in required information, including the serial number that is found on the sleeve of your CD, then click “next”

  6. Choose where you would like to install the Dragon Medical software (normally there is a default option that we usually recommend you use), select “typical/complete,” and click “next”

  7. Click “Install” and follow the onscreen instructions, the software will then be installed on your device

  8. When the install is successfully complete ensure that the “check for updates when setup is finished” option is selected and click “finish”

  9. The product registration window will then appear – you can choose to register your product now online or to register it at a later date (we typically recommend registering it now unless circumstances prevent it)

  10. Once your product is registered you can activate your software by simply click on the Dragon Medical icon (typically appears on your desktop) and click “activate” when prompted

  11. Once your software is activated the next step is to install your veterinary vocabulary. To do so, please refer to our quick guide on installing your Veterinary Vocabulary.

Congratulations on completing the first step of your Dragon Veterinary setup! You are well on your way to saving yourself time and money!

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