Install Dragon Edition 4 Tutorial 

Steps to Downloading Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 on Windows.


step 1

Open the download link provided. 

  • We recommend you use either Chrome or Internet Explorer for downloading Dragon. 

step 2

Click Download All

  • The download will take 10-15 minutes depending on your internet connection  

step 3

When the download has finished open the Zip File titled DMPE 4 English and click the Dragon icon, when prompted press Extract All

  • When choosing a destination to extract you may keep the default location
  • It will take a few minutes to extract 

step 4

Once unzipped, open the new unzipped DMPE 4 English Folder and double click on the Dragon Program. This will open the installer.


step 5

Simply click install.


step 6

If prompted that the device will make changes to your computer just press yes. This will open the Install Shield wizard. 

  • Give Install Wizard a few minutes until the next button is highlighted. 

step 7

Once you click next, you will be brought to the licence agreement page. Accept the terms in the agreement and then click next


step 8

You will then be prompted to input your username, organization and serial number. 

  • You will find your serial number in the same email you received with your download link
  • The serial number will be located on the back of the envelope with the CD-ROM for Dragon

step 9

Once you have input your information click next. 


step 10

Next you will be promoted to pick a Set Up type selection. Select typical / complete and then click next

  • You will have the option of typical / complete or a custom set up. Choose typical / complete 

step 11

Now you are ready to install the program.

Click Install. Once again this may take several minutes.  


step 12

Click Finish you have now successfully install Dragon Medical Practice Edition Four