Dragon Veterinary Integrating with DVMAX



This short video shows how Dragon Veterinary integrates with DVMAX Practice Management Software. 

Dragon Veterinary allows for navigation, bringing up of macros and free dictation by voice. In addition to voice control within DVMAX you can also use Dragon to create customized templates to save even more time with your reporting and charting.  

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So Much More Than Just Voice Recognition


Dragon Veterinary provides Veterinarians like yourself so much more than just voice recognition. By integrating Dragon Veterinary into your workflow you will find you are able to see more patients and be more detailed in your charting all while having more time to spend with each patient! Working within DVMAX, Dragon allows you to take patient notes on the go and during your examinations, navigate through DVMAX and even run your preexisting DVMAX and Dragon custom templates all with the power of your voice!

"Previously in this practice it would not have been uncommon for me to finish my records at 11 to 12 o’clock at night. When I add Dragon in, I am seeing more cases at this point in time and still going home on the order of an hour or two earlier than I probably ordinarily would have"
Dr. Curt Daly, DVM, DACVS. Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates

Using Dragon at the Point of Care

Imagine being able to document your findings in real time as they happen without skipping a beat during exams or surgery, so the moment the exam or surgery is complete your reporting and charting is done!

Dragon allows for voice commands that can control your computer, Dragon and even DVMAX. By taking advantage of these voice commands you can optimize your workflow to become much more efficient and detailed in your charting. 


"Ultimately what I found is that it's a much more efficient way to practice medicine because we're able to document and keep track of a very high volume of patients in a very systematic way"
- Dr. Mike Zareski, DVM. Western Veterinary Group

Running Templates in Dragon

Do you find yourself typing out the same thing day in and day out for standardized procedures, physical exams and takehome instructions?

Dragon Veterinary allows for customized Dragon templates or built in DVMAX templates that can be called up by voice. This allows you take advantage of existing DVMAX templates you already know and love while also having the ability to create new ones with Dragon to be used universally. 

"The reason I purchased the software was to improve my accuracy and efficiency with record keeping so that I can spend more time managing patients and doing surgery which is how I make my living, not trying to type records out. I am convinced my records would not be as detailed or as accurate as they are using the program."
- Dr. Bob Radasch, DVM, MS, DACVS. Dallas Veterinary Surgical Centre 

Quick Notes on the Go

If you've ever found yourself on-the-go seeing patients or quickly answering the phone between patient visits you know how challenging it can be to document it all accurately and effectively.

By using Dragon Veterinary you are able to record into your phone or voice recorder on the go or directly into your microphone as your run out the door to your next appointment have your notes waiting when you get back in front of your computer!

It’s really helpful with writing up my client communications because I’ll get off the phone with a client or even one of the veterinarians that sent a case to me and then immediately just talk into the microphone and the write up is there, I don’t have to do anything with it. It’s really efficient.
- Dr. Amie Csiszer, DVM, DACVS. Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates

On top of allowing for you to change your workflow to become more efficient Dragon Veterinary can also provide benefits to your clinic, support staff and the community. 

"After a long day of surgery my hands and thumbs hurt and although I'm normally a good typer, I find I just can't type properly after my surgery days."
- Dr. John Brajkovich, DVM. Caledon Mountain Veterinary Hospital

Don't just take our word for it, take the word of veterinarians like yourself who use and love our product!

"This is just one more tool in our arsenal that’s really helped our practice. It’s been a wonderful thing because I am actually able to use Dragon to give me much more detailed information that I know I would never spend the time writing or typing in to the data fields. "
- Dr. Mark Lawson, DVM. Glacier Animal Hospital

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