SEO Tip for Veterinary Clinics | How to ask Google to "crawl" your website

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SEO Tip for Veterinary Clinics | How to have Google to "crawl" your website

A website to your clinic alone will not magically drive traffic to your website. You have to put in the leg work to be found online. This is why Google needs to know you exist, free of errors, so you can rank high in the search. 

Here is a breakdown of how this plays out. When a potiential client uses Google to search for Veterinary clinics in your area, the search results that are deemed to free of errors will always show up first. If you rank low, most likely your potiential clients will never see you because studies show people only click on searches that rank high on the list. Hence less scrolling through mulitple pages to find you.  

When you ask Google to "crawl" your site it means it dispatches the ‘bots’ to download your website into the Google server and analyze it for optimization and possible errors.

This is why it's imperative to make sure that Google knows your site is error free and ready to be found. 

Here is your SEO Tip to make that happen!


How to ask Google to "crawl" your website

1 - First, you'll need to have a Google account. The easiest way to do this is set-up a FREE Google email.  If you need to set up a new account create on click here.

2 - Go the Search Console of your Google account.

3 - To add your website click "Add a Property".  

4 - Select "Website" then add your website url address here.

5 - Click "Crawl" then click "crawl errors" below it.

check crawl errors

6 - Check "Desktop" to check for crawl errors.

check desktop for crawl errors

7 - Check "Smartphone" to check for crawl errors.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 3.59.49 PM.png

8 - If you do find errors. You'll see a list of url addresses. They represent the pages after the / symbol at the end of your website for reference. ( this area )

Go to that page on your website and double check the page is fixed and working correctly by openning up a "dummy" test page. 

Typing in the address; ( the address listed in the error log )
to see how it shows up to the public. 

Then log into your website and remedy the situation as needed. 

fix google crawl errors

Great job! You made it. You did your first Google Crawl. 

Happy Crawling!
Team Dragon



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