How to Make Your Existing Veterinary Software
Even Better!

If you are struggling with time, juggling patients, and moving rapidly from one task to another all day; If you are always working through lunch and dread having to stop throughout the day to peck away at your computer; And if you frequently end up going home late and exhausted...

Then this message is for you!

Here’s why:

Our Technology Saves Vets
an Average of 3 hours a Day

You need to realize, there is a cost involved in not managing your time...

If You Don’t Do Something About it, It Only Gets Worse.

Many Vets, when facing a lack of time, hire more administrative staff, employ more vet techs, work longer hours, miss lunch breaks, outsource transcription services, or even refuse patients!

But for most Vets, none of this works.

  • The primary problem is that Vets are busier than ever before
  • Filling out paper work and charts takes too many hours out of the workday
  • Owners expect more details to be documented about their animals
  • More competition with new clinics opening up and rising costs of new equipment

What happens if you do nothing and just keep doing what you’ve been doing? You will continue to be over worked and over stressed and your patients won't be given the time they deserve and your clinic may not be as profitable as it should.

Our Software is the new industry standard in clinics

The solution that works. 

Here’s our story:

Dragon Veterinary is the result of over 10 years of field work and trial and error
done by our founder, Dr. Brian Poteet, DVM, Dip.ACVR.

Brian worked tirelessly to create a world leading voice recognition vocabulary for Veterinarians.
He realized that this technology was available to the medical community and that Vets
could also benefit and should not be left out.

He wanted to make his clinic profitable and at the same time
enjoy going home to his family early every evening.

Finally, because of his relentless work, the Veterinary community
has the opportunity to share in this new technology.

* Skeptical? It Worked For These Vets,
And It Will Work For You*

We traveled around the country asking Vets if our software was making an impact

Dr. Mike Zareski

Dr. Mike Zareski is a graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and completed a clinical rotation with Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

Dr. Robert Radasch

Dr Robery Radasch is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons and completed his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois

Ultimately what I found is that it's a much more efficient way to practice medicine because we're able to document and keep track of patients in a very systematic way"

- Dr. Mike Zareski, DVM. Western Veterinary Group

"The reason I purchased the software was to improve my accuracy and efficiency with record keeping so that I can spend more time managing patients and doing surgery.

- Dr. Bob Radasch, DVM, MS, DACVS. Dallas Veterinary Surgical Centre

Our software saves Vets an average of 3 hours a day,
which works out to 750 hours a year.
An average Vet makes $42 an hour, so that means
you could save $31,500 a year, by complementing
the software you already own.
That’s 1.26 million over a 40 year career!

*It’s Decision Time*

You have a Choice to Make:

Continue to do what you’ve been doing and not taking
advantage of new innovations that other Vets are now using.
Take a new action, and get a new result.

And finally, be able to sit down and breathe a sigh of relief.

Which do you want for yourself?

Here’s what to do now…

When you press the order button,

You will receive:

  • $150 off our Dragon Medical w/ Veterinary software this week only until August 10 2018
  • Free Setup and orientation with a certified Dragon Veterinary tech
  • Hands-on Customization support with a Dragon Veterinary staff member
  • A personal follow up to address any further questions you may have
  • Lifetime Remote Tech Support
  • An assortment of teaching videos and help files on our website
  • Regular updates to all required materials
  • Buying is Easy, just click on the link below to get started

Dragon Veterinary Software is as simple as Speaking.
Our Free "One on One" Training and Support will ensure you love our software, know how to use it, and understand it to its full potential.


The Time is now.
It's unlikely you will find extra time in your clinic in the future.
All you need to do is click the button to take advantage of our software and technology and bring your clinic into the future.


Save $150 This Week - Until August 10 2018

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