Tutorial #5: Creating Your Dragon Veterinary Profile

This tutorial goes over the steps required to set up a user profile within Dragon Veterinary. It is important never to share your profile as it will confuse Dragon and reduce its accuracy

Creating Your Profile

Dragon will automatically ask to create a profile if there isn't one already in the software. Steps 1-6 show you how to begin manually creating a new profile. Step 7 onwards applies for the automatic and manual creation of the profile.

  1. Launch Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, if it isn't already open, by double clicking the desktop icon, clicking the icon on the taskbar if present, or by simply opening the start menu in windows and typing in "Dragon Medical Practice Edition," and then pressing enter
  2. Once Dragon opens, either select a profile to load or, if you have only one profile, wait for Dragon to load your profile
  3. Once Dragon is finished loading a profile, click on "Profile" on the Dragon Bar
  4. Plug in the Mic you would like to use. Make sure the audio drivers are finished installing on your computer before progressing!
  5. Next, click "New User Profile"
  6. You can now click "New..." on the right side of the window
  7. Next, enter a name for the new profile and then click next
  8. Choose the appropriate age group for your new profile and then click next
  9. Choose your region and vocabulary you'd like to use, and then click next. (You will not see veterinary on the vocabulary list at this point. You will need to have one of our technicians install it for you)
  10. Choose your accent and then click next
  11. Choose your dictation source (Mic) and then click next. (If your newly plugged in microphone does not appear please restart your computer and begin the process again)
  12. Review your choices and, when ready, can click "Create" to create your new profile and wait for the creation process to complete
  13. Next, it's time to set up your dictation source! When you are ready, click next. (Steps 15, 16 for microphone. Steps 17-19 for voice recorders
  14. When ready, click "Start Volume Check" and then begin reading aloud into your mic the paragraph that begins with "While you are reading this..." And keep reading until the software makes a tone/beep, and then click next
  15. Just like the previous step, click "Start Quality Check" and then begin reading aloud the paragraph that begins with "For Dragon to recognize your voice accurately..." Until the software gives you a tone/beep, and then click "Next"
  16. Click “Next” until you come to the calibration screen at which point you will be prompted with a story to read. Please read the whole story and when finished click “Next”
  17. Plug your recorder into the computer and then click “Next”
  18. Select the file location on your computer and click “Next”. Dragon will process your audio. Depending on the story you chose and the speed of your computer this process can take a couple minutes or up to 15. Be patient and let it finish. Once done, click “Next”
  19. Wait for the process to complete
  20. That's it! You profile is now created! 

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