Tutorial #26: Controlling Your Computer by Voice

This video covers some of the basic commands you can use to control your computer by voice. For more information, make sure to check out the video on the using the Dragon Sidebar

Controlling Your Computer by Voice

In addition to its dictation capabilities, Dragon also allows you to control many aspects of your computer all by voice. For more information and more voice commands please refer to the video related to the Dragon Sidebar.

Here are a few examples of a few different commands that will help you completely control your computer by voice: 

Open <xyz>: Used to open a program on your computer.
          "Open Dragonpad," "Open Microsoft Word," "Open Google Chrome," etc…

Close Window: Used to close the currently opened window. 

Save Document: Used to save the currently opened document. 

Click <xyz>: Used to click anywhere on the currently opened window.
          "Click Okay,” "Click Next," "Click Cancel," etc…

Switch to <xyz>: Used to switch to any opened windows.
          "Switch to Skype," "Switch to Microsoft Excel," "Switch to Adobe Reader," etc…

Maximize Window: Used to maximize the currently opened window. 

Minimize Window: Used to minimize the currently opened window. 

Search <Search Engine> for <xyz>: Used to search online for certain topics.
          "Search Google for weather in New York,” "Search WebMD for veterinary news," etc…

Send Email to <xyz>: Used to send emails to someone.
         "Send Email to Mark", "Send Email to Elise", "Send Email to Caroline", etc… 

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